In June of 2012, Google acquired the Quickoffice suite, a complete set of office IT tools for mobile devices that till now were only available for those users already subscribed to the Google Apps for Business service. But that situation has changed as of a couple days ago, meaning that Quickoffice is now available for free for iOS and Android.

Quickoffice featured

Quickoffice brings together a series of editing tools that allow you to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, with each of these services being analogous to other, similar packages such as Microsoft Office, with its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs.

Although Quickoffice lets you work with documents found locally on your devices, the app is strongly integrated with the cloud file-hosting service Google Drive, allowing you to browse the folders in your virtual space just as if you were using your operating system’s file browser. In fact, it’s perfectly suited for such tasks thanks to Drive’s ability to display other sorts of documents, such as images or PDF files.

Quickoffice smartphone

The Android version adapts to the type of device you open it on, so that when you use it on tablets, the use of the screen space will be optimized, when it comes to both browsing the program or editing documents. The program does the same with the iOS versions, with different interfaces for both iPhone and iPad.

Quickoffice is undoubtedly the best option out there now to give you a high-quality office IT suite on your device, now available at no cost and fully embraced by Google as one of its basic productivity tools for mobile devices, alongside Keep and Drive.

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