By default, the native usage data tool on Android only shows you how much traffic in megabytes every app uses. QualityTime is a free app that lets you manage the time you spend using each app, gathering all the data into a history file and even letting you assign alarms if you go over a usage limit that you set for yourself.

Once you register on the app, whether using a social login or introducing your details manually, you’ll have access to the tool, which will then permanently run in the background. You can access it at any time from either the icon in your apps list or your notifications bar.


The main menu displays a timeline of your activity and the periods between each unlock of your device, as well as the minutes of activity on each session. The data are divided into usage time, number of times you open each app, and the number of times you unlock your screen.

If you do a vertical scroll you can view a list similar to that of the native Android menu with the daily and weekly frequency of use for apps in ascending order. As you use the app over time you can view a graphic of all the data from previous days as well.


If you tap a particular app, you’ll see its individual data, and can also create an alarm that displays a screen message when you surpass a set time limit, telling you to give it a rest for a bit. All that time glued to Clash of Clans before you’ve even had breakfast might not be a great idea!

Naturally, the stats can be quite revelatory in certain aspects. You might think you’re not super active on social networks and mostly use all sorts of apps for work purposes, but this tool will bring you face to face with reality. Do I actually open Twitter almost 25 times a day and unlock my screen more than 30 times? Unforgivable.


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