Pushbullet is a great tool for sending documents between your desktop computer and mobile devices, with the advantage of being able to view all your smartphone notifications in pop-up windows on your PC. Till now, these notifications were one-directional: they only let you know when you received a message, but wouldn’t let you respond. But the most recent update has enabled answering to messages sent through IM apps right from your browser window.

The official Pushbullet blog explains that this new feature is compatible with WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and Hangouts, although for the latter you’ll need to have installed the Android Wear app on your device (even if you don’t have one of the gadgets). The only requirements are to have Android 4.4 or higher, have the Chrome extension installed for that purpose, and update the Pushbullet app to its latest version 15.6.1. When you get a social message, you’ll see a new respond option in the notification itself, which will open another window where you can type your answer that will be automatically sent to your recipient.

pushbullet notificaciones Pushbullet now lets you send WhatsApp messages from your PC

The other new feature is a widget for the Android app to enable or disable Pushbullet at any time and thus keep your notifications from automatically popping up on the associated web browser. These two features make Pushbullet—FINALLY—into a near-essential if you work alternately with your Android device and desktop computers.


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