Seasonal updates have been coined by Battle Royales as the main formula used to set a steady pace for important updates. PUBG Mobile follows suit with the arrival of the new Season 4, which starts November 21 and includes more weapons and vehicles, a dynamic climate system, more special clothing for the Royal Pass and a new hardcore mode among other new changes.

pubg 095 mobile feat Season 4 of PUBG Mobile has begun

The update has already started to take off, but the changes probably won’t be visible until later today. Winter and its imminent Black Friday deals are two elements that this update revolves around. This means you’ll see a snowy Sanhok and more special boxes around Thanksgiving time. All of this is listed in this changelog posted on Reddit by its creators.

What’s new

  • A M762 assault rifle, which can be found on all maps. It’s the first 7.62mm assault rifle with shoulder loading. It has three firing modes: single, burst, and auto.
  • A new vehicle in Sanhok: a scooter which can be ridden by two characters.
  • Dynamic weather in Sanhok. Now the weather will randomly change between sunny, rainy, and foggy.
  • A Hardcore mode, which gets rid of the sounds of steps to make it more similar to the PC experience. The mode will be available periodically within the “Hardcore Week” event.

bike pubg 095 Season 4 of PUBG Mobile has begun

Other improvements

  • Matchmaking and chat no longer make you select a secondary language.
  • The chat system has been optimized to consume less RAM and show more messages.
  • The store’s start page has been improved to emphasize the special effect of each weapon.

Royale Pass Season 4

  • More finishes for the weapons, rare outfits, new faces, and hairstyles for the characters. They’ve also added 600UC to the Elite Pass rewards for players that get the new season pass.
  • The redemption feature has been overhauled so users with the Elite Pass can get a discount on items using BP or RP.
  • Mission cards for players who complete difficult missions.
  • A Black Friday event with big discounts on packs for three days.
  • A new system that greatly increases the chances of certain crate drops for a limited time. Stay tuned for more information.

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