The release of the Android version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has been a pretty big deal, to say the least. With the arrival of two different official versions in Asia from Tencent, and the subsequent international release of one of them, PUBG Mobile is now one of the most downloaded games for the platform. The new version 0.4.0 of the game adds a ton of new content, including a new arcade mode for 28 players in a limited section of the original setting, along with a training mode to practice using all the weapons available in the game.

pubg mobile update 2 The first big content update for PUBG Mobile has been released

Remember! To install PUBG Mobile from Uptodown, you have to use our official app. It installs from an XAPK file which includes the original APK along with the additional OBB data.

Performance and compatibility improvements

With the arrival of this patch to the Chinese edition of the game, we’ve already witnessed the important improvement in performance, especially when it comes to using certain weapons and vehicles. The framerate has improved immensely and now the visual quality even adapts automatically according to how the game runs on each device. Speaking of…PUBG Mobile is now compatible with 255 new smartphone models, and has also unlocked the Ultra graphics mode on many existing devices.

The game’s animations and perceptions have improved in countless details. Now, shooting is much more satisfying, along with the animations of jumps, aiming, and injury radar when you get hit. In terms of gameplay, we now have a nitro button for vehicles, along with the possibility to have doors open automatically when we get close to them. 

Arcade mode

We don’t always have enough time (or battery) to play an entire round of PUBG Mobile, which tend to last around 25 minutes. The new Arcade mode considerably reduces the average length of the game by limiting the combat to 28 players, and providing a much smaller area of the island to play on from the beginning. Of course, to play in this mode, you have to reach level 10.

The arcade mode has six variations: one is exactly the same as the normal one, while in the rest, we can change the conditions of the game so that only one type of weapon can be used, whether it’s hand to hand, shotguns, or sniper rifles. Plus, in the Item Heaven mode, there’s much more loot scattered throughout the setting.

Training mode

Since no one is just born knowing how to play, Lightspeed has made the wise decision to add a new setting where we can practice with the different elements of the game. This mode is slightly hidden in the form of an icon in the lower left side of the main menu. Here you’ll find an open area to try out all the weaponry and equipment available.

training mode pubg mobile The first big content update for PUBG Mobile has been released

It’s basically a new island where you can practice your shooting skills with all the weapons and other goodies available to you. Plus, you can fine-tune your driving skills with all the different vehicles on the race track.

A complete list of changes in PUBG Mobile 0.4.0

Performance and screen optimization:

  • Added 525 new compatible models
  • New models supporting Ultra high and High frames
  • Anti-Aliasing (improved/increased and added)
  • Improved performance of weapons, models, and scenarios
  • Adaptive mode (change graphics and framerate according to performance)

Gunfights optimization

  • Shooting animation improved
  • Enemy death cam
  • 3D touch shooting mode (iPhone exclusive)
  • 4x and 8x scopes optimization
  • Aiming animation improved
  • Hits feedback improved
  • Aiming button disappears if you’re not in a good position to aim
  • Character jump improved
  • Character view improved
  • Game sound and voice chat improved

User interface

  • Teammate icon improved
  • Bag interface improved
  • Map automatically marks your vehicle location
  • Vehicles now have nitro
  • Motorcycle flip buttons
  • Option to open doors automatically
  • Picking intervals

General update changes

  • New weather (DUSK)
  • Added new character faces
  • Match history record added
  • Daily tasks added
  • Upgrading task added

New game modes

  • Training mode
  • Sniper mode
  • Melee mode
  • Full armor mode (Tier 3 gear)
  • Fast paced mode
  • Pistol mode
  • Shotgun mode

Social experience

  • Apprentice system mode
  • Search nearby players
  • Business card added
  • Search players by business card filters
  • Team recommendations
  • Chat rooms (News, Tags, Recommended)
  • Player’s team invitation optimized
  • Gender information

Other notes

  • More clothes added
  • New player rename tags
  • Supply price increase and reset once a week
  • Changing appearance will cost depending on the changes
  • UI speed increased
  • Voice icon animation improved
  • Repeated clothes can be exchanged
  • Data of player record increased


  • Various bugs fixed
  • Improved cheat detection
  • Cheaters will be banned
  • People creating cheats, modding, using external apps to get an advantage will face LEGAL consequences.

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