The most experienced gamers are surely familiar with Prop Hunt, a fun game mode for Garry’s Mod (Valve’s creative platform for playing around with its Source engine) that consists in turning yourself into decorative elements in the setting so that the rival team can’t find you. This simple gameplay has given rise to incredibly fun games which we mention below.

Hide Online

The game that most closely respects the original formula is Hide Online with its over five million downloads on Google Play. We even selected it as one of the best games released in April, and it also serves to explain the mechanics of the subgenre in detail. In each round, there are two teams: one team has to hide for as long as possible, and the other has to find all the rival team members as quickly as possible. The fun part is how it’s done.

The players who have to hide can become one of the many objects scattered throughout the settings: tables, glasses, boxes, flower pots, etc. The goal is to blend in with other similar elements to go unnoticed. The problem is that from time to time, the hidden players emit a melody which will aid the ‘seekers’ in finding them. This means players need to constantly change their disguise and position. [Download] expands on the original formula and adds some strokes of Asian absurdity. In this case, both the settings and the number of elements in them are much bigger, so here, more than the ability to sweep the area, it’s the context that matters. So if you turn into a roast chicken and hide in a bedroom, then you’ll probably be found instantly. Here, the key is to stay hidden for three minutes, or find all the camouflaged players in less than three minutes. A military base, a two-story house, and a shopping mall are just a few of the settings where you can play. [Download]

Other options

Like any successful game, you can already find clones coming out of the woodwork with different concepts as absurd as Prop Hunt Portable, that combines the formula of the original game with the looks of a cheap Counter Strike. In the case of Prop Hunt Mobile, on the other hand, the action is developed in a residential neighborhood and with the camera farther away. The players who hide have 20 seconds to disguise themselves as fire hydrants or garbage cans.


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