Out of all the technology you use in your daily life, the most personal of all without a doubt is your smartphone, where you keep all your private information that you guard carefully for your security. It’s easy for someone to get ahold of this information, whether online or because of your own oversight. So, it’s important keep your device prepared for any kind of intrusion with a series of apps designed for your security.


Users get hacked every week on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, through malware intrusions on their phones, or flaws in applications that reveal the information of thousands of users. So, it should almost be required that you use the apps that I’m going to talk about here.

1. Clueful

This app was developed by the antivirus company Bitdefender, and scans the apps installed on your device, and tells you your level of privacy on a scale of 1 to 100. It also analyzes the permissions of apps you install, and warns you if any of them pose a threat to your privacy. You can see which ones have permission to send and receive text messages, access your photos, or make phone calls, which can save you money and disappointment in certain situations.


Download Clueful | http://clueful-privacy-advisor.en.uptodown.com/android

2. Applock Master

As its name indicates, Applock Master allows you to block certain apps with using a password or pattern, keeping them from running in the background without your knowledge. It can be very useful when combined with other apps, like Clueful, allowing you to safely use high-risk apps because they can only run when you enter the password or pattern you have chosen.


Download Applock Master on Uptodown

3. Mobiwol

In addition to controlling the information that leaves your device, it’s important to know and control the information that comes in. The most effective solution for this is a firewall, just as on your desktop computer. In this case, I’m talking about the only firewall for Android that works without having to root your device or have administration rights. It works exactly the same as a desktop firewall: It controls the incoming and outgoing data traffic, keeps a record of everything, and allows (or disallows) the access to certain applications.

Mobiwol screenshots

Download Mobiwol on Uptodown | http://mobiwol.en.uptodown.com/android

4. Any antivirus

Avast, Lookout, Norton, and Bitdefender are just some examples of the immense free antivirus catalog available on Google Play. Any one of them will allow you to periodically scan your system to keep it clean of malware, and therefore free from spying busybodies.

Download Avast Mobile Security on Uptodown
Download Lookout Security on Uptodown
Download Norton Antivirus on Uptodown

5. aWallet Password Manager

This app works like a safe for passwords and private information, and saves and encrypts the login information to your email accounts, online banking, and other at-risk websites. There are many apps like it, but what makes aWallet Password Manager is that there are no ads in the free version, and its efficiency.


Download aWallet | http://awallet-password-manager.uptodown.com/android


  1. You forgot Permission Manager. I have Clueful, which points out to me that Opera Mobile reads browsing history (a necessary feature in a browser), but it would have a fair bit more to say if I hadn’t run Opera Mobile through Permission Manager before I even opened it to stop it accessing my IMEI and phone numbers amongst other things, something I found necessary to do with Clueful itself.


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