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The blog is a valuable information channel to keep you up to date on the most recent developments on Uptodown, both at the internal level and in the press. New projects, improvements to the website, and press releases are some of the types of content that we want to share with our users as well as keep a line of communication open with them.

Uptodown: Free and legal downloads with no installers

Uptodown offers free, direct and legal downloads of programs which having been analyzed by the more than 50 antiviruses.

The catalogue you won’t find on Google Play

Uptodown offers a vast catalogue of apps and games that you won’t find on other big downloads stores like Google Play.

The most downloaded apps of 2014 on Uptodown

TOP 100 most downloaded apps on Uptodown based on more than 250 million apps downloaded in 2014.

Top downloads during the first half of 2014

This ranking shows the most downloaded programs for Windows ton Uptodown, and at the same time supplies additional information on market trends.

New improved browsing experience on Uptodown for mobile devices

Uptodown's web version for mobile devices now includes a new browsing menu and an improved touchscreen interface.

Security and threat control on Uptodown

In Uptodown we seek to offer a clear and transparent service; and to that end we want to give you more details about what makes Uptodown a reliable and trustworthy place to download your applications.

Improvements to Gmail: New quick action features

A few months ago, Google’s email service integrated new quick action buttons that allow users to interact with their emails without having to open them, such as an option to confirm your attendance for an event. Now they’ve added new features that let you leave restaurant reviews, watch videos or open Google Docs or Dropbox files from your inbox.

Important information about downloads on Uptodown

In the interest of offering a clear, useful and transparent service, we want to improve the information regarding our monetization system. That is why we want to detail all the information about the downloads on Uptodown.

Uptodown improves its design for easier downloading of apps from smartphones

Throughout this week, many media have made mention of the recent changes we have made on Uptodown. In an attempt to improve the experience...