The blog is a valuable information channel to keep you up to date on the most recent developments on Uptodown, both at the internal level and in the press. New projects, improvements to the website, and press releases are some of the types of content that we want to share with our users as well as keep a line of communication open with them.

To try to compete with Google anywhere is to shoot yourself right in the foot. The tech giant might have a lot of enemies, but challenging it is complicated when most of the battles have to be fought on Google’s own turf and according to its own rules. In our case, Uptodown has found itself banned, censured, and disparaged for trying to offer a top-notch alternative downloads shop. The latest obstacle we’re facing is that we can’t upload our official app on Google Play… at least not without having to first create a ‘special’ version that swaps out the free downloads from our own servers to redirect users to Google’s own store. Our eternal battle rages on.

Every day we get a lot of questions about our business model and what Uptodown is all about. “Do I have to pay for downloads from your website? Are you going to fill my computer up with junk through one of those installers full of toolbars and adware? Is it illegal to download stuff from your site?” Here we’re going to clear things up: THE ANSWER TO ALL OF THOSE QUESTIONS IS NO, and below we explain how that’s possible.


Uptodown has become one of the most solid alternatives available for downloading applications not just on Windows and Mac but also for Android. With a catalogue of thousands of tools and games of all sorts, we offer apps that you won’t find on other big downloads stores like Google Play, and all are available for download and periodic updates direct from our Android app.


As we do every six months, here we offer the latest Uptodown Downloads Barometer, this time exclusively covering our Android section during 2014. According to estimates up to the end of November, our users will have downloaded 250 million apps this year, leaving us with some interesting data to analyze their consumption habits.


Just like we did last year, today we want to share with you our six-month barometer of software downloads on Uptodown, this time for the period between January and June 2014. This ranking shows the most downloaded programs for Windows through our platform, and at the same time supplies additional information on market trends.

When the market demands change, changes must be made. The project that we launched a few months ago to make browsing on Uptodown on smartphones and tablets as comfortable as possible is moving forward. We’ve improved the user experience on touchscreens, added a new browsing menu, and adapted the interface for low resolutions.

When you store more than 40,000 files and provide more than 10 million downloads per month, security becomes one of your main worries. Here we explain how we manage the multiple threats faced by download sites and how we seek to ensure that your experience on Uptodown is as secure as possible.

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A few months ago, Google’s email service integrated new quick action buttons that allow users to interact with their emails without having to open them, such as an option to confirm your attendance for an event. Now they’ve added new features that let you open Google Docs or Dropbox documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other files without having to download them from your inbox. You can also make restaurant reservations or rate local accommodations.

In the interest of offering more information about our downloads process and improving the transparency of our service, we provide here a few details about important aspects that Uptodown users should take into account when using


Throughout this week, many media have made mention of the recent changes we have made on Uptodown. In an attempt to improve the experience on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, we have made substantial changes to the website, such that now our site has become a practical and convenient service for downloading apps on Android and iOS devices.

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