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Uptodown’s top game downloads of 2016

The numbers are in and the trends are clear. This year has marked the inauguration of smartphones and tablets as the reining gaming platforms. In fact some 88% of traffic on Uptodown this year has been in Android downloads – up 10 percentage points from last year – with 1.3 billion downloads just for that operating system. We’ve now compiled all our data and put together a ranking of the most successful games of the year, including the top 10 most downloaded titles as well as the top 3 in each genre.


At Uptodown we’re on our way to serving over 2 billion app downloads in 2016, having surpassed a record breaking 100 million visits in a single month. These are just some of our strong points that firmly anchor Uptodown as the world’s biggest Android app marketplace outside of Google Play.


Given how hugely successful our last Opera Software raffle was, we’ve done it again with a new contest where we’re giving the lucky winner no less than a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 priced at €800/$900. To participate, all you need to do is three or more social actions that are written here below to enter our contest. Anyone who signs up between the 9th and 23 of May can win, there are no regional limitations, at all. Your prize will be mailed anywhere in the world. Check out our terms and conditions below. Don’t forget, the more actions you do, the better your chance to win!


Uptodown —one of the world’s largest Android APK repositories— partnered up with with DroidGamers, a publisher that pioneered by specializing early on in Android mobile games in the US. As part of this partnership, Uptodown will link DroidGamers’ reviews to its game catalogue. In addition, DroidGamers will start to use Uptodown’s APK widget, allowing their readers to download Android apps without the restrictions posed by Google Play.

Here on Uptodown we’ve put together a huge catalogue of Android apps that we store and manage ourselves. So the easier it is to link to our content, the better it is for everyone. To that end, we have created our own WordPress widget that you can use to add info cards and download links to all our apps on your own blog. And best of all, it’s free, open, legal, and doesn’t leave anyone out: Every info card has links to both the APK file and the page on Google Play along with other details of interest.

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Top Android Blogs in the US

According to App Annie, global app downloads are expected to hit 284 billion by 2020, more than doubling 2015’s figures. What role will Android blogs play in this market growth? In Uptodown’s previous post, we explained our vision for a more unified Android industry, where independent publishers and APK repositories work together to help people discover, and download apps without barriers. Below we highlight some of the top Android blogs that always help us to stay up-to-date.

Since 2002, has been devoted to distributing software applications, originally for Windows desktop, and currently  specialized in Android apps. 15 years later, the two Spanish founders that started the company as college students, Luis Hernandez & Pepe Domínguez, lead a team of 12 to handle more than 88 million monthly visits, and over 120m monthly downloads. As of today, Uptodown is the world’s 180th most visited website, with 80% of users visiting from mobile browsers, predominantly Android devices.

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The year 2015 has seen a huge increase in the use of Android apps, with the number of downloads on this platform doubling over the year prior. Some 78% of the software downloaded over Uptodown is Android apps, so it makes sense to break down the consumption habits of the user in the different categories our catalogue is divided into. Here we enumerate the TOP 10 Android games as well as the three most downloaded games in each genre over the past year.

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Need an app? #GetItOnUptodown

Here at Uptodown we’ve progressively been rolling out the new look of our brand, giving a facelift to the arrow logo that’s been with us for so many years and which has become one of the main symbols of our company. But the ways of design are inscrutable: we still have to adapt to new times and search for new ways to expand, especially if we want to reach all users. At the moment we’re focusing on bringing visibility to our downloads on official websites and digital media. Hence our new initiative #GetItOnUptodown.


In Uptodown we’ve weathered all sorts of knocks from the heavyweights, be they complaints from Twitter asking us to remove all previous versions of their mobile client (one of the advantages of our service) or Google’s veto of our official app that forced us to remove it from Google Play and offer a much more limited version than the original. Now Google strikes again with Chrome search results for apps that are completely unfair to the competition, giving an overwhelming preference to downloads from Google’s own store.