The notification bar is, without a doubt, one of the most used features on our smartphones. We’re constantly returning to that area at the top of the screen to quickly turn different features on or off on our device. Thus, it’s understandable that there are plenty of apps to help give this privileged space a special touch. Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager has landed on Uptodown to give a spectacular look to the notification bar, allowing you to customize it however you please.

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager

No, Power Shade doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel here.  And yes, we’ve see similar features on other apps. BUT the app from Tredydev offers a series of advantages that manage to put it just a head above the rest on the totem pole. We’re talking an attractive and user-friendly design, and powerful customization options. You can play around with a ton of settings to change the color of your bar, the notification cards, the opacity of it, or where to place it. That’s right, the bar can either be on the right or the left side of the screen.

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager

Moving between the different option menus in Power Shade is extremely simple so any Android user can figure it out without a problem. That said, it offers various customization options that are disabled, which you can only use if you pay for them. A lot of users aren’t too happy with this, given that this app looks pretty similar to another app from the same developer: Material Notification Shade. Both apps are great, so it really depends on your own preferences when choosing one or the other for your smartphone.

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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