Just as was announced by Nintendo and Niantic Labs a few weeks ago, finally the month of July is upon us and the new Pokemon Go app for Android has been unleashed onto the internet. While it hasn’t been fully offically released on Google Play just yet, the game is now totally functional from version 0.29 in APK format and is ready to play from anywhere. Yes, you can now play Pokemon Go from any geographic location on this planet.

Pokemon GO Android realidad aumentada

Once the game is fully installed you’ll need to have an internet connection and have your smartphone GPS activated. After registering, either on your Google account, or on a “Pokemon Trainer” account which could possibly link up to the games within the series of titles for consoles. That way, you’ll access the game and get to start wandering about your environment on the prowl to catch ’em all.

When approaching one of the Pokestops within the game you’ll be able to pick up items like Pokeballs. Wherever there’s a bit of movement on your screen a Pokemon might suddenly pop out, and you’ll get to catch it by playing an AR mini-game. As you discover new areas you’ll level up which will gain you access to new places like Pokemon gyms that also let you get the best prizes and get your teams to evolve.




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