Although it’s not as big as it was last year, Pokémon GO remains in the spotlight thanks to frequent updates that help maintain the popularity of one of the most noteworthy games of the last few years. The latest update features two new research quests: events that reward players with items, achievements, and legendary Pokémon. The biggest news is that this event gives players the chance to catch Mew, which is one of the most iconic legendary Pokémon to make an appearance in Niantic’s game to date.

Pokémon GO Mew

The recent announcement of a Harry Potter game doesn’t seem to have slowed down the speed with which Niantic pushes out updates to their hit game. After the tragedy that was Pokémon GO Fest, the game has received update after update that have improved the game over time. If you take a moment to compare the instability of the game in its first few months with how well it works today, you have to applaud the great work of Niantic. It took a while, maybe too long in fact, but now it’s a truly entertaining game.

The new research events in Pokémon work differently than any of the ones introduced previously. Plus, they have confirmed that there will be two different types: Field Research and Special Research, which have players go to nearby Pokéstops and catch special Pokémon or participate in battles. The source of these new quests is the nearly forgotten Professor Willow, who is the character that gives players their first Pokémon in the game.

Pokémon GO Mew

We suppose that the difference between the two types of research is the rarity of the rewards you can get. This makes sense because finishing seven Field Research quests gives you access to Special Research. That’s likely how players will get the opportunity to get their hands on their very own legendary Mew. The exciting new event starts on March 30th, so there is plenty of time to get back into Pokémon GO if you’ve already uninstalled it from your device.

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