We’re back with your fix. The newest update for Pokemon GO is the first change that’s actually brought about any major edits, and we’re not referring to your run-of-the-mill bugfixes that go unnoticed by most users. There were some massive changes aimed at improving the game’s, until now, shoddy performance. This time around, the updates that were put into place make substantial improvements to playability, and that is clearly reflected in how the app ultimately runs overall. Niantic has taken to tightening up security in an attempt to keep users from getting any extra help from external apps. As a result, many of them have been disabled–think Pokevision. Here’s an overview of the biggest changes being made:


  • Pokemon Tracking via footsteps was eliminated due to a tendency to overload servers. For now, you’ll still see all the nearby Pokemon, but there’s no clear indicator of how close they are.
  • Avatar customization: now you have the option to change up your trainer’s style. Just tap on your avatar, then push the lower right side button and access the section titled Customize.
  • Medals are now more personalized with unique, individual icons to differentiate them.
  • Transfer button was modified within each Pokemon’s stat sheet so you’ll no longer need to scroll all the way down in order to transfer them.
  • Overall improved interface including using menus and transitioning between sections.
  • Fights are now “more fair” and non-stop button jamming won’t get you anywhere. Both real-time damage infliction and damage counters have also been modified.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.47.13 AM



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