The next big thing is Pokemon Go’s long-awaited release which has been creating a real buzz around the world for a while now–and to good reason. The newest game by Niantic Labs, the creators of the ever revolutionary Ingress, is also one of the select few official Pokemon titles out for smartphones by Nintendo. After many months of uncertainty, its release was overwhelmingly confirmed at E3 in L.A where we were told that the game is set to launch officially this upcoming month.


Why all the hype?

Ingress is a video game developed by Niantic Labs, a Google-backed start up that completely revolutionized gameplay by adding geolocation via your Android. Thereby bringing your phone to life and out into the real world where players are challenged to get outside on the prowl for new places to interact with through the game. Stop and think about it for a moment. When brought to the world of Pokémon this could mean a lot of different things. Take for example, the option of cruising around your neighborhood searching for Pokémon to capture or even visiting a virtual gym where you’d get to compete against other trainers. Sounds good, am I right?


What is Pokémon Go?

As in all the other games within this saga, your objective is to become a true Pokémaster traveling the world over in search of Pokémon and catching them in order to collect ’em all. While capturing new Pokémon, you’ll also need to train up your team and compete against other players along the way in your own little epic adventure. The real fun begins when actually capturing a Pokémon though, because you’ll watch as they appear in your surroundings through augmented reality right on your smartphone.


Your quest for Pokémon is limited only by the resources you’ll need to acquire within your inventory. Keeping things like Pokéballs and honey on hand are imperative in order to be able to catch, level up, and watch in awe as your pocket monsters evolve.

Pokémon Go Plus

The most recent official announcement according to Nintendo is that along with its release date they’re also coming out with an location enriched bracelet allowing for users to play Pokémon Go while also serving as a notification platform for game events, keeping you in the loop even without the need to be on your smartphone. Pairing up through Bluetooth, your bracelet will vibrate and light up whenever there are nearby Pokémon waiting to be caught. With a capture button that offers you the chance to discover new Pokémon, catching them is a synch. Initially, buying into this bracelet is optional, and it’ll be available upon official game release with a price tag of a welcomed $35.


More information | Official Pokémon Go website





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