Called Pokémon Comaster in Japón, Pokémon Duel is the international adaptation of this official game from The Pokémon Company in collaboration with the HEROZ Japan studio. In this app, the heart of the experience lies in facing other real players on an odd virtual gameboard where the pieces are the Pokémon. While it’s not new, the English version of the game has just come out, and though it can’t be downloaded from Google Play it is possible to install it with an APK from Uptodown and play with no limitations.

pokemon duel screenshot Pokemon Duel: New official Android game now out

The game system is very simple. To beat your opponent you have to reach its defeat position with any of your pieces. Likewise, you lose if an opponent’s piece gets to your defeat position. To do so you can move characters from your deck, made up of six Pokémon, in turns, blocking the possible paths toward breaking down your defenses. When two figures are adjacent to each other they can fight, and who wins will depend on the stats of each one. The loser gets sent to your deck reserve and it takes a full turn to return it to the game.

pokemon duel screenshot 2 Pokemon Duel: New official Android game now out

As you win combats you can level up in the different leagues, in the process getting stuff to improve the Pokémon in your deck plus totally new ones as rewards. There are characters from several different generations, and shipments of new ones come out in the expansion packs every now and then. Both the rules and most of the combat system are based on the Pokemon Trading Figure board game and the nomenclature is from the more popular Pokemon Trading Card Game. Pokémon people will be right at home.

pokemon duel screenshot 3 Pokemon Duel: New official Android game now out

Like any decent Freemium game, the app hooks you with constant daily visits so you can open the expansion packs that require a certain amount of time to be unlocked. You can also participate in limited-time events with exclusive rewards. Nothing new under the sun, except this time the setting is a magnet what with all the anticipation caused by Nintendo after the Pokémon GO hecatomb and the Nintendo titles about to roll out on Android.

Pokémon Duel on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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