They roamed the surface of the Earth millions of years before us and will continue to do so long after we’re gone. Ants have always fascinated us with their strict hierarchical society and their ability to survive in even the most extreme conditions. Now you can become one of them and create your own colony from scratch, thanks to Pocket Ants.

This production from Ariel Games starts out in the simplest way, with a queen ant and a worker ant. From there, using straightforward tutorials, you’ll learn how to expand your colony, collecting and storing resources while you feed your queen so that she lays eggs and thus increases the number of ants, which you’ll assign to different tasks.

In Pocket Ants you’ll control all sorts of parameters

Despite its apparent simplicity, Pocket Ants will surprise you with the number of parameters you’ll manage while facing new challenges and dangers. This includes protecting your colony from predators, recruiting other creatures to become your allies and even raiding other players’ anthills in search of resources.

Poket Ants: Leaf storage chamber screen

In addition to controlling your own ant, in Pocket Ants you’ll have to create new rooms inside the anthill dedicated to very specific tasks while maintaining the precise balance between workers and soldiers to guarantee the survival of the colony.

The action in Pocket Ants isn’t limited to only the interior of the colony, but also to the surface. You’ll have to explore the vicinity of the anthill to guide your companions in search of food sources and, as you level up, the game’s scale will increase exponentially.

Game ants carrying a leaf

Complete quests to earn juicy rewards

Using the touchscreen, you can guide your ant and navigate through the different management menus of the anthill, controlling its evolution at all times through various parameters. And don’t forget to check out the quests section, because you can get juicy rewards for completing them.

Pocket Ants: Quests list

Pocket Ants is a nice combination of strategy and management, with just one small flaw: the obligation to link the game to a Facebook or Google account. It’s the only toll to pay to be able to interact with other users’ anthills and be sure that cheaters will be expelled from this small ant empire.


Translated by Sarah Odebralski


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