The enormous amount of multimedia content now available on the Internet is so vast that finding something that suits your needs can be like Mission Impossible. Luckily, there’s Pluto TV, a video streaming service based on the millions of videos and channels on YouTube with which you can create your own made-to-measure 24-hour TV channel.

Pluto TV works in a unique way, which makes this tool one of the best options to enjoy content you like however you see fit. This tool has dozens of themed channels divided into categories: news, sports, technology, comedy, action and adveture, drama, art, music, and kids (among others).

Channels Pluto TV

Each and every one of the channels on Pluto TV is automatically generated from dozens of YouTube channels, such that if you open a cooking channel, you’ll have access to the hundreds of nonstop videos of recipes and tips, one after another, that have been uploaded to YouTube under this theme.

The first thing you’ll see once the interface is open is the first channel in the catalogue, broadcasting live. Under the screen you’ll see the rest of the options, categorized with colors. When it comes to playing a video, since everything is found on YouTube, you can pause the content, go back to the beginning, or skip to a specific point (although of course you can’t skip forward in a live broadcast). Pluto TV even has a program guide where you can check when your favorite program starts.

Pluto TV

If you don’t know what to watch, you can browse the huge number of channels broadcasting at all times and check what programs and reports are set to air next. If you’re interested in something but won’t be home to watch it, you can save it with the record button that you’ll find in the playback bar.

The appeal of this tool is that it includes at least one channel for every possible subject, so you’ll always find something interesting to watch. Add what you like most to a list of your favorites and create a proper TV channel with all sorts of content to play whenever and however you want. Pluto TV also has a web version in case you don’t want to download anything to your PC or Android or want to log in from a tablet.


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