The most important electronic entertainment companies have already been interested for a while now in game-streaming technology. For an example, look no further than Valve, which will incorporate this feature into its new operating system SteamOS. Last year, Sony bought the Gaikai cloud-gaming service, but it’s taken until now, during the CES 2014 fair, for the company to present its PlayStation Now service, which will utilize this system to allow gamers to remotely play titles without having the physical console.

The objective is very simple: to play video games that you’ve remotely acquired on all sorts of compatible devices by using your Internet connection. The games can be for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PSVita, the most modern Sony Bravia TVs, and compatible smartphones and tablets (which have yet to be specified). What does this mean? Well, as shown in the following video (courtesy of CNET), you’ll be able to play a match of The Last of Us, exclusive to PS3, on your portable console.

In short, you can now play PlayStation console games on other devices without even needing a console, just by buying a digital copy of a game that’s supported by the service. This manuever could in theory turn out to be counterproductive for Sony when it comes to selling its hardware, which certainly means that the catalog of available games and system possibilities will have to be severely limited.

The PlayStation Now service will begin its beta testing phase in the U.S. shortly, but it won’t be launched globally until summer.



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