News about the official announcement of the Playstation 4 are flooding the Internet, even though it was an open secret, and despite that they didn’t display a single image of the console during the presentation that took place on Thursday in New York. The console specifications can be found everywhere, but what interests us in this blog post is that Sony is developing an app so you can use your mobile device as a second screen.

Play4 Cabecera

Many of the fundamental new features on the new console are based entirely around social aspects which take full advantage of the possibilities of the cloud. This is undoubtedly the result of Sony’s recent acquisition of the company Gaikai, which specializes in cloud computing. In fact, it was Gaikai’s CEO himself, David Perry, who announced the upcoming launch of the application, which will be called Playstation App (although they should use a different name because it can be confused with Playstation Official App, which already exists).

Play4 David Perry

Its uses are still yet to be untapped – at the moment people are talking about using it to view maps while you play, for example, or, using the new feature that lets you share videos, you can use it to view what your friends are playing, or to chat with them while you play without interfering with your game. It is a great element that video game developers can take advantage of in many interesting ways.

The app will be available for Android mobile phones and tablets, in addition to the iPhone and iPad, although there still hasn’t been any news as to a version for Windows 8 – perhaps because Microsoft already offers a similar version for Xbox with Smartglass.


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