There’s a fantastic physics analytics tool right in the palm of your hand and you didn’t even know it. These days, any old smartphone incorporates an array of sensors that collect data on motion and interaction for use by apps. But nothing keeps you from taking advantage of this data reception hub for your own purposes by making use of tools like Physics Toolbox Suite for Android.


Obviously not everybody will see the point of this interesting tool, as it’s mainly useful for academic, educational, or industrial applications. The app includes no less than 14 measurement tools whose data can be read on-screen in real time and even exported in .csv format for later analysis.

You can measure the G Force acting on your smartphone, its acceleration, orientation, radial velocity using the gyroscope, atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, humidity, and spatial orientation. The app also contains other curiosities such as a tone generator where you can modify the output frequency and wavelength, a measurer of Newtons, and a tool to achieve a stroboscopic effect.


There are tons of applications for all these tools, although they depend entirely on whatever you’re studying – whether it involves getting into a moving car to analyze its movements or managing noise pollution in a certain location.



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