At this point we wouldn’t be remiss in diagnosing a large number of smartphone users with photo-Diogenes syndrome. Given how easy it is to take photos with an Android, you’re likely to accumulate galleries with hundreds of images that for the most part aren’t worth keeping. To mitigate this problem, Gallery Doctor is an app that analyses your image gallery to search for repeat or low-quality photos.

The tool, developed by the creators of MyRoll, reviews all the photos stored on your device and shows a graphic of the space you can free up if you get rid of the photos it recommends you delete. The photos it marks are those that look blurry, very dark, or with very low resolution, although it will also select the ones with a low level of detail as it considers them ‘boring’. The other filter it includes will search for images that look alike.

gallery doctor 1 Pull out your low-quality photos with Gallery Doctor

To make sure you don’t delete anything accidentally, when Gallery Doctor finds photos of dubious quality it will store them in a list of images waiting for your review that you can manually discard or save. The app will use this information to ‘learn’ how to automatically get rid of photos you usually don’t want.

The tool works well, with quite a high level of accuracy in predicting which images should be discarded. Certain problems may arise if you take a lot of screenshots with your device or have photos with a wonky level of brightness/contrast. Still, this is an interesting option to help you reduce the amount of space taken up by bulky image galleries.


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