There are lots of tools for creating a security system via your webcam or smartphone, but few are as complete and easy to use as Perch – Simple Home Monitoring. This free app lets you capture video using any Android device or webcam connected to your desktop or integrated into your laptop and view it remotely through a web browser. Its main appeal is that it stores your most recent recordings in the cloud for later viewing.

To use the service you can register on either the app itself or the official website. Once you add your credentials you can access your control panel and select the input source for your recordings from among all the auto-detected devices that appear there. In other words, if you activate the app on an Android device and open the webpage and log in to the same account you’ll see that camera active.


You can manage more than one camera at the same time and easily alternate between each. You can also create alarms to activate each of them in certain circumstances, and get audio notifications on your device or email when the camera deactivates or detects movement in the frame (or even select a specific section of the screen). You can also remotely program the recording device to start and stop running at a specific time.


The best thing about all this, and what makes it a simple and economical videosurveillance alternative, is the ability to play the video captured at a specific time in previous days, with everything stored in the cloud so you can check it out at any time.

More information | Official website


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