One of the hurdles that many novice users face when they go to use WhatsApp is the moment they have to renew their annual subscription by associating their bank details to their account using Google Wallet or PayPal. But now, whether it be for your mother or your little brother, the app offers the option to pay the fee for other people from your own smartphone. Here we explain how.

This option is available from version 2.11.186 and up, so first make sure you’ve got that version or a later one installed on your computer.

  • To access this section, inside WhatsApp you’re going to open the context menu in the upper right part of the screen where you see an icon with three vertical bars. When you drop it down, you’ll go to Settings.
  • In Settings, you’re going to click on Account Info.
  • From there, you’ll access Payment Information.
  • Now click again on the upper right context menu, where you’ll see the Pay for a friend option.
  • On the following screen you’ll have to select the person whose subscription you want to pay by clicking on the Select a contact button and choosing the person from your WhatsApp friends list.
  • Tick the subscription option you want, whether it be for one, three, or five years, keeping in mind that you’ll get a discount for some of them.
  • Select a payment method. For the Google Wallet option you’ll need to have associated your bank details to your account. If not, you can always turn to trusty old PayPal.



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