March to the beat in the strange and fun PARADE!

PARADE! isn't your everyday, typical rhythm game. Here, you get to lead a parade which will continue to grow as more and more animals join in behind you.

Perhaps the mention of a musical parade videogame doesn’t exactly catch most people’s attention, but we think that PARADE! deserves a second look. It’s an original and incredibly entertaining title where you get to lead a parade while attracting as many animals to join you as possible. Now you can’t go wrong with an idea like that.


A lot of the time, we approach a new game with pre-conceived notions and expectations according to information we’ve received about it. It may be an innocent reading of a description, or seeing the typical screenshots that accompany the game. This is exactly what happened to us with PARADE!, a title that declares itself as a musical game where you get to fight rhythmic battles against animals and grow your own parade. It’s a description that’s as absurd as it is great, although after seeing its images, our eyes couldn’t help but light up.


If we simplify PARADE! into the most basic description, what we have here is a rhythm game where you have to tap or swipe the screen at the right times. Nothing you haven’t seen before, right? But luckily, we’re not just simple robots who dissect products coldly, but instead we take a look at every aspect of a work. And PARADE! is packed with fun, colors, and low-poly animals dancing to funky music. If you have a heart at all, then it’s impossible not to love this game.


PARADE! seems like a game developed between Masaya Matsuura, creator of PaRappa the Rapper, and Keita Takahashi, creator of Katamari Damacy. A game that’s incredibly fun and that holds a place among the best rhythm games you can find on smartphones. For a while now, this style of game has seemed somewhat locked into a specific style, but titles like PARADE! represent a step in a new direction. It’s a great work that’s challenging to master thanks to its various degrees of difficulty. But you’re sure to enjoy it like none other if you already like these types of games.


PARADE! for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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