The growth of arcade games in our Android catalogue seems unstoppable. Games of this sort appear endlessly and we’ve gotta say their originality isn’t always that outstanding, what with all the clones and ripoffs. That’s why when we come across a title that really shines, we fall over ourselves to introduce our readers to it. Which is exactly the case with Paper Wings: you can’t miss this title for its interesting gameplay and refined graphic style.

Paper Wings Android

In this 2D arcade game your simple task is to collect the different coins that appear on the screen. It might not seem that hard but it has its tricky side due to how you control the birds in the game: you can only adjust the inclination of the paper birds by tapping the left or right side of the screen. The bird then makes arcs with the aim of collecting as many coins as possible – and with sublime elegance while it does so, to boot.

Paper Wings Android

Getting coins like this might seem easy enough at the start, but soon you’ll see that the reality is quite the opposite – it gets harder and harder as you get more and more coins. Not only do more coins start appearing faster and faster, but so do the obstacles that can put a stop to your flight with the tiniest graze. Another way to see your flight end sooner than expected is by not collecting the coins that have fallen in the water. If they stay there too long, c’est fini.

Paper Wings Android

Like in the vast majority of Android titles, getting coins serves to unlock new species of birds. Luckily, this doesn’t stop with a simple new look: each one of the birds has special skills to put to use in the levels.

Paper Wings Android

Paper Wings has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Its apparent simplicity dissolves as you advance a bit in the game and you’ll end up doing flight combos that get ever more lengthy and convoluted. Plus its minimalist style will fill your gaze with delightful origami-based designs.

Paper Wings for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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