Christmas might be a “magical” season that has won over the majority of the population, but the Grinch still has good reasons for hating it when it comes to the shopping side of things: long queues in shops, empty shelves, and lack of original ideas to find the perfect gift as the clock counts down. Fully 49% of users do their Christmas shopping via mobile phone; thus, below we’re going to introduce a few apps to help you get more organized and satisfy you more easily while still spending less time and money.

According to a survey done by Compuware on the use of mobile devices during the Christmas season, the percentage of purchases done via smartphone should reach 66% for the “mobile generation”—those users between 18 and 34 years old—given that they form the most dedicated group of mobile shoppers. Such figures are rather significant enough to prompt us to give the advantages of mobile shopping a second look.

Among the many problems you might run into during the Christmas period is not knowing what gifts to give. Here we are going to show you several apps with thousands of ideas to get it right when it comes to gifting.


If you want to give something truly unique and original, there’s Etsy, an enormous shop for handicrafts created by small artisans that make their product catalogs available to users online. This app has 17 million exclusive items from 800,000 sellers from around the world.

But if your problem is that it is already Christmas and you haven’t bought anything yet, Fancy is a free tool that can shake things up for you a bit. This app lets you discover new products and “Like” them, with a particularly special touch: a section of gifts deliverable within 24 hours, meaning that while you’re browsing the categories you can both get inspired on what to give and buy it directly from within the app.


That said, when you go to start crossing gifts off your list, there are times when Christmas runs over budget. To avoid that, you can use any tool that helps you control your spending: My Christmas List is an app that manages your gift list as well as how much you spend on each person, so that you can keep close track on what’s left to buy and how much you have left to spend. You won’t forget any gifts, but neither will you forget about the wellbeing of your wallet.

The report I mentioned at the beginning of this post also pointed out that mobile users continue to be very demanding and not very loyal to buggy apps: some 45% of the “mobile generation” say they stop using any site that has technical problems. The most cautious users can always turn to the official apps from eBay and Amazon in order to make purchases from your mobile in full confidence that you’re backed up by the quality and refund policies of these ecommerce giants.


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