When it comes to minimizing data consumption, there’s no doubt that Opera Mini is one of the best browsers for mobile devices, offering a minimalist version of the original application. And now it’s just been updated to offer even more possibilities to customize how you save resources while browsing with different preset profiles to balance speed with data savings.

When you drop down the settings button at the bottom right of the screen you’ll see a new setup menu for data consumption, where you can choose between two types of savings – high and extreme. The first lets you browse comfortably without limiting the download or viewing of items on your screen, while the other is used for limited cases where your connection is extremely slow, and avoids loading any excessively large items that in many cases keep the full page from being displayed.


The extreme mode also lets you configure certain features as desired, be it the image quality and loading of fonts or aesthetic adjustments like the size of the font or breaking of the text into paragraphs – features that are indispensable to make a page legible when you’ve forced it to load incompletely to consume less data.


With this new critical mode it’s possible to save up to 90% on battery consumption by sacrificing a bit on visual quality – stats that you can check from the app itself, which even displays a table with your savings over the last five days. Obviously all these options are for use in critical moments when your data allowance is almost entirely used up or you find yourself somewhere with a terrible signal and you want to speed up the loading of pages when the visual details are irrelevant.

Source | Opera official blog



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