There’s a reason Opera Mini is the most downloaded Android browser on Uptodown. Its scant consumption of resources along with its data-saving possibilities make it one of the best alternatives to the bigger names of its kind. The first update of 2016 has brought with it several improvements that, if any doubts remained, make it the best mobile browser beyond the realm of Google. Here are some of the novelties:


  • QR code reader: A technology that collapsed under its own weight and which currently has not had the expected impact, but it’s still true that till now it was necessary to use an external app to read these codes. Now this is built into the browser.
  • Language selector: It’s now possible to select the browser language independently of the one you use by default on your device. Also lots of new languages have been added to take the total number to 90, 13 of which are Indian dialects, as that country has seen one of the largest technological expansions in the last year.
  • Search engine selection for each category: You can set a different default search engine for each kind of search you want to do, from news and images to specific definitions on Wikipedia, products in online stores, or reviews of media content.
  • Improved downloads manager: Without more details or much chance to check this, apparently this version has improved the completed downloads rate and reduced the margin of error.


Below Opera Mini, the other two most-downloaded Android browsers on Uptodown are PsiPhon (basically Firefox with VPN options) and UC Browser in its different variants.


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