We live in days where taking a pic or recording a video has become a flurry of pomp and fanfare and where photo-editing apps are starting to emphasize their social element in at least equal measure to their artistic one. But sometimes all we really want is to take a dang photo – without turning ourselves into a comic book character or adding butterflies to float off the top of our heads. Open Camera is a good alternative for that. With this free Android app traditional photography is its raison d’etre.

Open Camera

We’re looking here at a powerful and sober tool. Open Camera isn’t aiming to trick anybody and focuses on what’s really important: capturing images in the best way possible. This app stands out for its big array of options that, for example, let you mess with your technical parameters when taking a shot: white balance, ISO number, exposure level, color effects, layout modes… Hard to give a number on the huge amount of attributes you can configure. Plus it lets you control the photo and video resolution and size so you don’t get a shock when you suddenly find your memory full.

Besides the standard options for resolution or image quality, Open Camera lets you add EXIF data to each pic including geolocation, date, or custom text. Another of this powerful camera app’s standout features is that it always keeps the user – ahem – in focus: the UI can be optimized for left- or right-handed users, can take pictures remotely using a sound, can be made more immersive, and more….

Open Camera

The latest Open Camera update has improved its sober interface to make it a wee bit more friendly. It’s still not exactly the life of the party, but it gets the job done brilliantly and now is a little bit prettier. Not to mention its small size, which makes it a great option to keep in mind if you’re always running low on memory on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you want to try living without Google’s default appsOpen Camera is one of the best alternatives out there when it comes to picking a photo app.

Open Camera for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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