It would appear that Pokémon has enjoyed its stint on smartphones given that today it’s been announced that it’s getting another game for iOS and Android. After the success of Pokémon GO and the recent appearance of Pokémon Duel it makes sense that The Pokémon Company would dust off its gloves and make a new title exclusive to these two systems. It also appears that this new game will star one of Internetland’s favorite pokémon. 

Pokemon Android Magikarp

The name of this new title in the Pokémon universe is Hanero! Koiking (Splash! Magikarp) and for now we know very little else about it. The only thing we can tell you is that a webpage has been created about this new game featuring a mysterious image with a pair of fingerprints that seem to be from the weakest Pokémon in the whole cast. This image is accompanied by a note explaining that these strange prints have been found in the middle of a town by a 27-year-old fisherman. This man’s curiosity is what prompts the investigation into the cause of the strange incident.

Pokemon Android Magikarp

Magikarp is one of the most famous Pokémons out there thanks to is utter uselessness on a team: its main action is the legendary “Splash,” where all it does is splash water and not much else. But its popularity resides not only in its weakness. Its evolution constantly surprises the world: Magikarp turns into Gyarados, a powerful, terrifying-looking Pokémon that has little to do with its antecessor.

We’ll have to wait and see if more details appear about this new game from the Pokémon universe, but it’s impossible not to be impatient about this future release. As you can probably guess, the release date is not confirmed, though it’s expected in spring 2017. Still, if you want to calm your Pokémon-related excitement, you can always enjoy the games that are already available on Android.

More info | Splash! Magikarp website


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