Fans of horizontal fighting games are in luck with the arrival of One Finger Death Punch 3D, the sequel to the fantastic Android title where a simple fighter spectacularly brawls with endless enemies using just a couple buttons. This new release translates that idea to 3D, but with a character and setting design that’s completely new.

One Finger Death Punch 3D

You face hordes of enemies that come at you from on all angles and your mission is simply to deal blows right and left and come out alive. The interesting thing about this game and the one before it is that you have to press just one button on either side of screen to throw a punch in that direction. Timing is key if you want to land blows that actually do some damage. That said, as you move forward in the game you’ll see that small buttons get added that offer a lifeline if you find yourself overwhelmed with enemies. The special skills vary depending on which character you’re playing.

One Finger Death Punch 3D

The main game mode is “adventure,” where you have to throttle your way through levels that end once you’ve beaten up a set number of bad guys. You might find things getting a teensy bit repetitive with the succession of similar settings and opponents but luckily the levels don’t last too long. Perfect for a quick round now and then.

One Finger Death Punch 3D

The game plays with a couple of extra game modes that are becoming pretty standard on Android titles: “Arena” and “Daily Challenge.” In the first one you have to try to survive as long as possible to get a high score and move up in the leagues, while in the daily challenge you beat up opponents in rounds to get special prizes. Basically a lot of doing the same thing constantly, but in different places.

One Finger Death Punch 3D

One Finger Death Punch 3D is an entertaining fighting game that’s great for quick rounds and boasts terrific graphics. My deepest heart of hearts may prefer the extreme simplicity of the sketches in the previous game, but we’ve got to say that this one isn’t bad at all. Plus the different game modes and the option to upgrade your character add more depth. It may be tricky, but it’s always gratifying to see tons of moves and crazy combos played out based on tapping a couple buttons.

One Finger Death Punch 3D for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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