Escaping a dragon isn’t exactly an easy task, but it’s the one we’ve been given in Once Upon a Tower – a fantastic video game developed by the creators of the likes of Mars: Mars and Bullet BoyAn action game where you have to think carefully about every step you take, it has yet to officially come out worldwide but can be downloaded for free from Uptodown now with no regional restrictions.

Once Upon a Tower

It’s always nice to find games that break sexist tropes and in Once Upon a Tower is one of them. You play a princess locked into a tower who has to do everything possible to escape the huge structure and get away from the dragon that’s guarding you. You do have a huge hammer to help you face any problems along the way. This frenetic game sets you to destroying blocks and enemies while descending through this danger-plagued tower of evil.

The game controls are easy to learn as everything runs on the basis of sliding your finger around the screen in the four traditional directions. Which action you take depends on what you’ve got in front of you. For example, if you swipe down and there’s a block under you, you’ll destroy it and if you swipe right and there’s no bad guy in front of you, you’ll move in that direction. All very intuitive.

Once Upon a Tower

The game draws on terrific titles like Spelunky, House of Dead Ninjas, and Downwell, but it’s got a strong personality that makes it shine even without detecting these references. Each level of the castle has its own bad guys and traps that get harder and harder as you descend each floor. The game makes you move fast because now and then the dragon pops out from behind the tower and breathes a bit of fire at you, which you’ll have to dodge if you want to stay alive.

Once Upon a Tower

Once Upon a Tower is a real gem that the Android catalogue should be proud to count among its number. It boasts a delightful gameplay and tons of unlockable content and objects that you can take along with you. Plus its graphics are gorgeous and the smoothness with which it moves is a gift for all gamers.

Once Upon a Tower for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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