A feature that most of its competitors already had has finally been rolled out on Google’s maps and geolocation service. As of the latest version of Google Maps for Android, it’s now possible to download segments of maps to your device to use without an Internet connection.

In the left pull-out menu you’ll get a new option called Offline Maps, where you can save and administer them for easy access later. Clicking on the plus icon lets you crop a section from a map that you can transform as desired. The interesting thing is that beneath it you’ll see just how much space the map will take up on your device.


What’s cool about this feature is that it won’t just store maps and street plans on your device, but all the additional information stored by Google services, like information about the places or transport routes to a certain place. Google Maps will make use of this information intelligently, which will automatically change to offline mode if you lose your WiFi connection so you don’t use your data allowance.




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