What with all the social networks people are on these days, it can be complicated keeping up to speed with all your social content. Given that Facebook and Twitter have become more like community feeds rather than pure social interaction tools, it could be a good idea to somehow catalogue all those news links posted by your friends and followers. The app Nuzzel does exactly that, organizing all the links posted by your friends on Facebook and Twitter just like on a news reader.

The appeal of the app lies precisely in the fact that it works as an intelligent filter, displaying only those posts most shared by your closest friends as well as the pics of your friends who’ve shared it alongside the post itself. Best of all, you can expand the depth of this content ‘curation’ by viewing posts from friends of friends.

nuzzel android 1 Nuzzel organizes news links posted by your friends

Besides your Twitter and Facebook accounts, Nuzzel also lets you link external apps like Pocket, Buffer, and Instapaper to make it your own personal news reader. (Well, it would be if you could also link Feedly and Flipboard, but then in any case we’d end up saturated with information by a tool designed precisely to keep that from happening, right?)



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