The last version of the popular WhatsApp instant messaging service has been available for a while in beta on the company’s official website; now the app has been definitively updated so that users of Android Wear can receive notifications on their SmartWatches and respond to messages via voice without having to look at their phones.

Version 2.11.362 of this app is compatible with both smart watches and any other device that operates on the Android Wear OS. Just as has been recently done by Hangouts, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has aimed to raise its game to offer its service to its more than 600 million users on all supported platforms.

Using WhatsApp from a SmartWatch should be very straightforward: the way it works is as intuitive as viewing new messages automatically on the screen of the watch and you can open conversations just by touching them in the panel where all your active chats appear. Have a look at this short presentation here:

But what’s really useful from this update is that, besides viewing your messages, you can answer with preset texts, voice transcriptions, or audio notes. The responses to your contacts will be sent automatically and you don’t even have to click anything to send them (although you can indeed modify the messages if you’ve made a mistake or if the Google voice recognition hasn’t understood you properly).



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