I know, I know: lately it seems like we never stop talking about Instagram. It’s just that the app is continuously updating with improvements that really deserve your attention. After boosting its security and making it possible to close comments, Instagram has returned the focus to its Stories and now lets you use stickers in those temporary broadcasts.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram piles on the fun with this latest update. The stickers currently available are mainly Christmassy, and can be added on both photos and videos, just like with adding text: you select the sticker icon and then pick the one you want to add. Some stickers have different shapes that you’ll discover when you tap on the them. And like with emojis, you can move and rotate them as desired.

This addition comes hot on the heels of Facebook Messenger’s recent inclusion of stickers. In fact we’re seeing a proper democratization of features that a while ago were only to be found on Snapchat. More sticker styles are likely to be added over time, though we’ll obviously have to wait and see. Meanwhile, Instagram temporarily has a new brush that draws with the shape of traditional Christmas candy canes.

Instagram Stories Stickers

Another of the novelties that make this version of the app (10.3) shine is the new Hands Free recording mode for video. You’ll no longer need to hold your finger down on the shutter, as in this mode you just have to tap it once to start recording. A simple and effective addition that further boosts the usage experience for this ever more complete app.

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