The file-hosting name that’s probably done the most for cloud storage technology has added a novelty that users have been asking for for ages now: to be able to work offline with files on the mobile appDropbox finally has one of the most requested features that other competitors have boasted for a long time.


Till now it was possible to work file-to-file offline if you’d pre-downloaded everything. Seriously annoying. Luckily this work with offline files should greatly improve the lives of people who use Dropbox intensively. The fact that you can’t be connected to the Internet at a specific moment no longer has to put your work on hold. The only “but” is that this new Dropbox update is solely available for people with paid subscriptions: people who are Pro, Business, or Enterprise users.

Being able to work from anywhere with the latest synced versions of your docs on your smartphone is no longer a drama. Once you go back online all the files included in these folders are synced automatically. The only limit is that the full size of the folders can’t be above 10 GB. Plus it’s super simple to do. Just indicate which folders you want to have available offline and then the corresponding section for offline access will appear. Impossible for it to be easier.


It’s a real shame that standard Dropbox users can’t enjoy this update as it’s solely available to paid users, but more than one person might consider trying one of the multiple packages offered by this useful tool thanks to the new addition. It’s now available for Android devices and will come to iOS at the start of next year.

More info | Dropbox blog



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