There are lots of Android launchers, and we’ve already talked on the blog about some of the most interesting ones that you can find to customize your lock screen and add extra features. Paradoxically, it’s now Nokia that’s presenting its own. Z Launcher is compatible with any Android device and includes interesting features like an intelligent direct-linking system and custom touch gestures for doing searches.

Unlike other launchers, Z Launcher is focused on simplicity and utility more than aesthetics, although it’s precisely this minimalism that is one of its virtues. The main desktop only displays the time alongside a customizable space with the next events on your calendar and the multimedia file you’re playing. In the lower section appear links to the apps you use most, and even more interestingly, that list changes depending on the time of day based on your usage habits.

Zlauncher screenshot Nokia releases Z Launcher for Android

Thus, if you only play games during the afternoon, you’ll get game links during this period; the app will adapt them to the ones you use most often at each time of day.

Its other main advantage is the option to access a list of installed apps or related web content that you’ve visited using touch gestures. If, for example, you’re looking for something that contains the letter ‘u,’ when you type it on the touchscreen your most frequently viewed search results that contain that letter will pop up.

Z Launcher is still in beta, but Nokia has offer it in APK format. It should work properly in any device with Android 4.1 or higher.


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