Games where music is the main engine have been proliferating like rabbits ever since PaRappa The Rapper appeared in long-ago 1996. Titles where you have to follow the rhythm of the music are now legion. Night Chopper is one more on this list and has a set of particularities that make it different: the music to follow is piano tunes, and to do so you have to chop down tree branches. No kidding.


We’re looking at a game that doesn’t have too much compassion for the player, really. The inexorable countdown of the clock will make Night Chopper a proper challenge. Hurry up and tap the screen or the clock will get the best of you. It’s a title for players with reflexes and precision but also has a Relax game mode where you don’t play against the clock. A third mode, White, varies the main gameplay by including white branches that you have to tap. Nobody can complain that there’s no variety.


Besides standing out for its addictive gameplay, Night Chopper shines for its huge collection of audio: more than 300 piano tracks where you’ll find everything from artists like Imagine Dragons, Rihanna, and Adele to game soundtracks like Final Fantasy VII, Undertale, and Kingdom Hearts. Anime lovers have got their spot reserved, too, with songs from One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, and Attack on Titan.

Night Chopper isn’t bad. Fans of music games are sure to find it interesting, but those who will most enjoy it are fans of the groups, games, and animated series that appear on its list of tracks.

Night Chopper for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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