Facebook has an important problem, and it is the clustering of heterogenous content on your timeline, with messages, external links, and multimedia content uploaded by your friends. To resolve this, in the same way that it made its chat service an independent app, Paper has been born. It is a new app that serves as a news reader for news both shared by your contacts and selected from different thematic sources.

The idea is to leave aside the social element and focus on content alone like other services such as Feedly or Pinterest. In fact, because it’s a service exclusively developed for touchscreen mobile devices, it will have a very visual and dynamic interface, as seen in the following video that’s been published on the official website.


This means you can see your friends’ updates from a much more practical and direct point of view, with the external links that they publish displayed as in a news aggregator site, and the ability to view the content directly from the app itself. This, added to the more than 12 thematic channels with both mainstream and indie sources, will allow you to customize your Paper experience.

On February 3 it will be available for iOS devices, and later also for Android (although the date of release of the latter has not yet been set).


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