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Inspiration is a near-magical thing that can come from 1,001 different sources. Or, well, not for everybody, apparently: lately it seems like Instagram gets most of its ideas from the same place. Geostickers have come to Instagram Stories, another great addition that first came out in – you guessed it! – Snapchat.

Streaming games has become synonymous with Twitch, the most important live streaming channel that’s gradually been updating and upgrading its service since it was acquired by Amazon three years ago. These small upgrades have been adding features to Twitch bit by bit but the latest novelty is a pretty big deal: a new social feature called Pulse.

You know what they say about a man with a big phone, right?

Big phone case.

Ok but really, though. Manufacturing specs for smartphones have gotten a bit out of hand – literally – and these days five inch screens are rare birds that most people appear not to find very interesting. This has led to more than a few difficulties in controlling a device with just one hand, which is the most natural way to handle it in vertical position. To help make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of apps that let you access most functions on your device without needing to use both hands or wrangling yourself into a sprained wrist.


Rovio’s latest strategy for squeezing new juice out of Angry Birds is to pair up with external studios to take a stab at different kinds of gameplays. First it was Angry Birds Ace Fighter, which took us into Martian-killing territory. Now it’s real time strategy with Angry Birds Islands, where you build and expand your village as you make expeditions to collect resources and take on challenges. And yes, the pigs are the bad guys.

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The growth in the endless runner genre seems, well, endless, and we’re continually finding new titles that embrace this gameplay. One of our latest faves is a new title starring the madcap rabbits who double as a sort of mascot for Ubisoft. Rabbids Crazy Rush is the latest installment in the adventures of the rabbids where you run and run and run and hope, somewhere, you find the end.

Whenever WhatsApp releases a new feature the floodgates and 12 plagues are unleashed on the people of the Internet – whether its statuses that almost nobody uses or security systems that people ask for but then later can’t be bothered to mess with. The odd thing is that this barrage hides features that have always been there yet hardly get used despite the fact that they’re genuinely quite practical. This is exactly the case with the default widgets that leave you notifications for unread messages on your home screen, shortcuts to chats with certain people, and a link to your camera to send images straight to your contacts.

The free Final Fantasy Brave Exvius for Android is in celebration mode. A few days ago it hit the amazing figure of 20 million downloads worldwide and to commemorate this achievement the developers at Square Enix have released a huge update that adds lots of changes to the game.

OpenSignal is a popular service to check your smartphone coverage and find the closest WiFi connection areas. Besides this free Android app, they’ve also just launched Meteor Test & Grade Your Speed, a useful tool to measure your Internet connection speed that also tells you if your current connection level can support smooth use of some of the apps you use most often.

One of the novelties that appeared with Android 6.0 Marshmallow was the Doze mode that lets you pause certain system processes and sensors that are usually continually “listening” when the screen is off. What Naptime does is power up this feature by adding several settings to customize it in depth.

One of the most-used keyboards in the Android miniverse is undoubtedly SwiftKey. This essential tool for smartphones has been around on Android for long time, but it was only recently that it made all its themes free. A move they can be proud of. As they can be as well with their most recent update: app support for more than 150 languages.