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Pokémon GO – called the biggest game of 2016 – has seen its popularity nosedive this year. Meanwhile, its spot as the most-played game on mobile has been usurped by Clash Royale, which seems like it’ll never go out of style. Its latest thing is a giant tournament that’s sure to launch the game into the world of eSports with force. Crown Championship is here.

This ain’t Adventure Time’s first rodeo on Android. This lucrative license has seen everything from Puzzle Quest adaptations to classic Zelda-style adventures, and one of the inevitable genres where it had yet to leave its mark was the endless runner. To fill this gap we’ve now got a new title called – wild guess? – Adventure Time Runa free game set in the world of Ooo that’s just come out. It adds enough new wrinkles to this worn-out genre to make it a fun experience for any gamer. And if you’re a fan of Finn and Jake’s wanderings in the Land of Ooo, well, even better.

If you’re very active on WhatsApp it’s highly likely that conversations with some of your key contacts quickly get buried in your chat tab, where they get organized by date. The latest update to the IM client now has an option to pin up to three chats to the top of your chats list.

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One of the latest updates to Google Maps has brought a very useful feature: an option to share your location in real time with other people over the app. Plus it can be viewed over the web version as well. Here we explain how to use it.

A year ago, Genius and Spotify signed an agreement to set up a display of song lyrics as well as the stories and curiosities behind them. A collaboration where we users stood the most to gain. It was a shame that the feature was exclusive to iOS, though … until yesterday, when “Behind the Lyrics” landed in the Android ecosystem.

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WhatsApp likes to take its work slow and steady. The WABetaInfo handle on Twitter is one of the most reliable sources of info on what this chat app’s got up its sleeve, and recently has revealed some of the new features rolling out on the beta client. Specifically, they are two functions set to revolutionize WhatsApp’s usefulness – even to the point of making it a competitor with services that you’d think were completely unrelated. Drumroll, please: Soon you’ll be able to 1) send shared albums to contacts to be viewed in gallery mode, and 2) access a real-time localization service to see where people you’re talking to are on a map.

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Accustomed as we are to using social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr that are obsessed with all things visual, Pinterest has always been a rara avis in terms of the comparative services it offers. While other social networks are constantly developing new social functions, Pinterest is focusing on stoking the power of its content. And its latest announcement is another step in that direction: the Like button is going to disappear from Pinterest.

Once upon time people thought virtual currencies and the people who “mined” them were a laughing matter. And while it’s true that lots of cryptocurrencies have ended up being cons, the Bitcoin revolution is now in full force and bit by bit(coin) this currency is appearing in daily life. This is why we’ve put this selection together for you with the best free Android apps about Bitcoin and its derivatives for your reference. You’re welcome!

At Uptodown we work closely with a number of app developers in order to offer their apps on our platform. From the Bench is one of the most successful Spanish studios with major official sports licenses as demonstrated by the tremendous popularity of the saga of football management strategy games that go by the name of Fantasy Manager. Not to mention the successful NBA General Manager 2017. Speaking of the latter, as a result of our tight partnership with its creators, from today on every active player in this game will receive an additional package of 50 free coins sponsored by Uptodown.


The Russians at ZeptoLab hit the jackpot with their game Cut the Rope, with its more than 500 millon downloads since its release in 2010. While that game and its sequels have been Zeptolab’s biggest hits so far, the developers still keep plugging away in other directions, as seen in their super-catchy King of Thieves and Pudding Monsters. Now they’re back to try their luck with CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, a title where you have to create homemade mechanical vehicles piloted by felines and set them to run up against the creations of other players.

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