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The cinema website Letterboxd unveils an app for Android

One of the best cinema-related social networks and websites in general has finally made it to Android devices in an app that offers a similar experience to the website.

YouTube revamps the look of its Android app

YouTube has made big changes to its appearance and now looks tidier than ever in both its desktop and mobile app versions.

A legal battle winds down with a win for YouTube content...

The victory of Ethan and Hila Klein in their lawsuit on YouTube reaction videos is a great step forward for clarifying Fair Use of third-party content.

Clash Royale is giving away two Magic Chests and keeping the...

The megahit Clash Royale has delivered a big surprise to all gamers: two free Magic Chests. Not to mention making the 2vs2 mode permanent!

WhatsApp adds text Statuses like the ones on Facebook

WhatsApp has added a new tweak to its Statuses: the possibility to write a message in text with a color background, like Facebook has had for a while now.

Reddit to allow users to upload videos to its platform

Reddit continues to add new features to its platform and from now on will allow Redditors to play videos natively.

Facebook and Instagram add some nice upgrades to their apps

Users of the two most famous social networks will see their features improved with new changes to the Facebook and Instagram apps.

Final Fantasy Awakening is now out on Android

The latest Final Fantasy game for Android (also called Final Fantasy Type 0 Online) offers real-time combats and online faceoffs against other players.

Google launches a LITE app for Android

Google launched its own pocket-version for its browser which is now official in Indonesian and Indian markets. Get Google Search Lite here without any restrictions on Android.

Demise of Nations: Civilization-style 4X strategy for Android

Demise of Nations is a 4X strategy game whose main appeals are a business model that doesn't rely on the annoying tropes of freemium and an interface that runs like clockwork on touch devices.