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eBooks and eBook readers have made reading more accessible for tons of people and put many classic masterworks back into the mainstream. This is due to the fact that the oldest titles in the public domain can be downloaded with no problems of any kind. That said, it can sometimes be hard to find a decent version to read what with all the files with terrible layouts and editing floating around online. But today we’ve got a website that solves this problem for you: welcome to Standard Ebooks.

Summer is here and with it many people’s much-anticipated vacations. Supercell has opted to get in on the summer fun in the best possible way: with a ton of 2-on-2 events in Clash Royale. This kind of battle offers ridiculous fun and there are always players ready to enjoy them with you. A great way to kick off your vacation.

One of the most used apps in the world keeps getting updates that make it ever more fun to play around with. Facebook Messenger has brought out a nice pack of novelties in the form of masks, filters, and emoji reactions for your videocalls. Not gonna miss out on them, are you?

Task automation over smartphones and tablets is getting more common thanks to a list of apps designed to make our lives easier. The originator of this trend is good-old IFTTT, one of the most important tools for automating your daily to-dos. Its latest update is quite a big deal: now it has 30 new services and features like support for VoIP technology and Google Photos.

The race to become the best chat app means that new features are popping up everywhere on most of the apps aspiring to the throne. And the current leader isn’t resting on its laurels. WhatsApp gets substantive updates rather slower than everybody else, but bit by bit it’s becoming ever more complete. The latest change to come out is the option to share all kinds of files and images over WhatsApp with no need to compress them.

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SEGA has spent years trying to revitalize some of its hit brands on Android – to uneven success. But its latest move definitely does make a lot of sense: SEGA Forever is an initiative from the company to re-release some of its most legendary games on Android – and all for free and with no limits. The first batch of games is out already, and apparently we can expect more of them every month.

As it has been doing for a good while now, Instagram keeps adding small improvements to make itself as complete as possible. This time it’s made a move to combine two of the most significant new features from its latest rounds of updates: now you can share Live broadcasts over your Instagram Stories.

The first anniversary of Pokémon GO is coming up. In the leadup Niantic has been busy adding delightful novelties to the game that was one of the biggest phenomena of all of 2016. The game’s momentum has definitely slowed but that’s something that can be fixed – especially with this bag of goodies set to roll out in tiers to all players soon. Among the big changes that stand out are a complete revamp of the gyms and a new cooperative game mode.

There appears to be no end in sight to the production of Android games set in the Star Wars universe. Just a bit more than a month ago we got the fun Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, and now it’s the new Star Wars: Rivals, a third-person action game that puts you in the skin of the most popular Star Wars characters from both the original trilogy and the later releases. Its main appeal, besides that it lets you relive iconic battles, is the possibility to participate in online PvP battles.

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Most social networks and chat apps have ended up building GIF search into their options. These days all the cool kids are replying to messages of all stripes with a simple GIF, and apps and sites are making it easier than ever to do so. The latest to jump on this bandwagon of GIF admirers is Facebook. Sure has taken them long enough, but it’s finally among us.

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