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Every day we see hundreds of headlines in the technology sphere. Here at Uptodown we focus on the most important information related to the world of software, covering everything from the most relevant news items and articles on IT security to advice on online privacy.

eBay suffers an attack and asks users to change their passwords

eBay confirmed that has suffered an IT attack that jeopardized the passwords and personal details of all users.

[E3 2017] The Elder Scrolls Legends set to add Skyrim cards

The F2P trading card game set in The Elder Scrolls saga is getting a new expansion focused on Skyrim at the end of June.

Pokemon Go: Set to land on smartphones this July

Pokemon Go is a game based on geolocation and augmented reality developed by Niantic Labs and Nintendo out now on Android and iOS for free this July.

Seven Guardians: Much more than just a tower defense

To say that Seven Guardians is a tower defense is an extreme understatement. The game, just released in a soft launch for Android, offers a huge...

LibreOffice 5.1 now available

LibreOffice 5.1 adds interestinLibreOffice has become the best freeware alternative when it comes to having an all-in-one for document management.

Opera premieres their own VPN for Android

Opera releases a VPN service on Android that allows you to change your device location in order to access regionally locked websites that might otherwise be unavailable in your country.

Facebook brings back default sound and external playback for videos

Facebook continues to make changes in both its app and website. Now the media giant is focusing on video playback and autoplay for sound.

WhatsApp finally lets users send GIFs–sort of..

The latest version of WhatsApp allows you to send GIFs from locally stored videos right to your contacts.

Viber gets a new update and continues to attract users

The popular app for making free voice calls continues to make a spot for itself in the market dominated by Whatsapp, where there are...

How to view seasons of South Park for free on Android

South Park is one of the best cartoon series in history, catch your favorite episodes from anywhere with this app.