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Every day we see hundreds of headlines in the technology sphere. Here at Uptodown we focus on the most important information related to the world of software, covering everything from the most relevant news items and articles on IT security to advice on online privacy.

Google recognizes the best Material Design apps of 2017

For the third consecutive year we discover the Android apps boasting the best Material Design, this time with community-chosen awards.

You can now share other people’s Instagram Stories privately

The array of features for Instagram Stories continues to grow nonstop and now you can send other people's Story posts to anyone you want.

Casper, the best alternative to Snapchat, is no longer available

Casper was the best alternative app to Snapchat thanks to its large array of features and it has recently shut its doors.

Check out the nominees for IMGA SEA best mobile video game

The second edition of the International Mobile Gaming Awards focuses on Southeast Asia and the nominees include a huge number of top-notch titles.

WhatsApp for business is now a reality

WhatsApp has created the possibility for companies to get verified accounts through its new WhatsApp Business service.

Clash Royale set to get a big update in October

The game from Supercell is set to get a bunch of novelties in October, among them new cards and game modes to keep Clash Royale growing.

Mixer, the Microsoft app for broadcasting gameplays online, is now out

Microsoft takes aim at Twitch with an Android version of its own platform for broadcasting gameplay streams.

TinyCards: The new Duolingo app for learning as you play

TinyCards is the new project from Duolingo focused on teaching concepts using flashcards.

Instagram Stories comes to the mobile web version of the application

The popular Stories feature on Instagram will no longer be exclusive to the app and you can now view these disappearing posts from the mobile web version as well.

The cinema website Letterboxd unveils an app for Android

One of the best cinema-related social networks and websites in general has finally made it to Android devices in an app that offers a similar experience to the website.