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Hands up if you miss those old coin-op games where you had to eliminate hundreds of enemies without worrying about anything besides aiming at their heads while the camera moved around the setting automatically. These so-called shooters on rails run the gamut from the classic Operation World to undying gems like Time Crisis and The House of the Dead. And this genre is exactly where Gunpie Adventure fits in: this bit of pulp madness from the NEXON studio (Dominations, OZ Broken Kingdom) sets you to trekking across landscapes and shooting from the bed of your truck while fleeing zombies, enraged Egyptian pharaohs, and other supernatural forces out to get you.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most important chat apps and is in a constant turf war with WhatsApp and to a lesser extent Telegram. Messenger’s strategy to keep itself constantly in vogue is by rolling out new features every few weeks. Though its recent addition of disappearing posts appears to be a dud, today it’s got two new bits of flair to decorate your chats: emoji-based reactions and the option to mention people with pings in group chats.

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most important sagas in the history of gaming, no doubt about it. It has tons of different games that have appeared over the years for the various Nintendo consoles (plus that CDI meme-game), and nobody can deny Zelda’s extraordinary influence on the world of interactive entertainment. Today, to celebrate the release of the latest title for Wii U, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we’ve pulled together this list of five free Android games inspired from this irresistible saga.

Ever since December 15, 2016, we Android users have been hating on iOS gamers as they gleefully enjoyed Super Mario Run, the first original Mario game from Nintendo for smartphones and tablets. Three loooong months later, the exclusivity period is finally over and the game is out on Android with the same features: an endless runner in full Nintendo regalia that translates the Super Mario Bros universe to a control system and plot suited to touch and portable screens.

SwiftKey adds keypress sounds

We’re still in the throes of the battle for domination of the world of Android keyboards and each new update from one of the aspirants to the throne raises the stakes of the struggle. This time it’s SwiftKey who’s rolled out an update implementing quite an interesting customization element: the sound of keyboard taps.

We wouldn’t exactly call the new WhatsApp Statuses a success story. The new disappearing content feature hasn’t taken off among users – certainly not considering that the cost was a wholesale swap-out of the original status phrases. That’s why a week ago they started bringing back the old statuses in the beta version and now they’re rolling back out for all users.

One would think the news that Facebook Messenger is also adding disappearing posts would leave everybody openmouthed, but by now I think we’re all inured to seeing this feature – a signature innovation of Snapchat – on a ton of apps. Now to wait and see what value it adds when it comes to Messenger.

The BAFTAs are known worldwide for recognizing the best movies and TV shows, most of them British, but few people realize that since 2004 they’ve run parallel awards focused exclusively on gaming. The British Academy Games Awards have become an ever-bigger deal with every year that passes, as there’s no other big-name gala recognizing excellence in the world of online entertainment. And as you’d expect, this year there are several mobile video games among the nominees.

Clash Royale just keeps getting more and more popular, and the good folks over at Supercell are working to keep the game fresh as can be with frequent updates. Not just changes to balance the game and make it fairer, but also new cards rolling out that often massively change how you play. And this time we have tons of novelties to talk about: a new balance patch, a new arena with four extra cards, and a new game mode.

When it comes right down to it, technology is as much about trial and error as anything else, even when the product in question is getting used by millions of people. WhatsApp recently rolled out those new 24-hour, disappearing Statuses and in the process got rid of those useful phrases associated with your profile indicating your info or whatever else you had in mind to say. Luckily, the latest update has brought them back.