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Although the Clash Royale phenomenon has stolen a bit of its limelight, Clash of Clans is still iconic on Android and Supercell wants to keep it that way. Hence why they’ve gone to the effort of rolling out one of the most important updates of recent times. Drumroll, please, and a big round of applause to welcome the Builder Base.

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The IM app Telegram continues in its long slog to become the most used app in its market. It’s got a heckuva long way to go still, but don’t mistake challenge for impossibility, especially considering how it upgrades its services with each new update. We’re up to version 4.0 now – “the mother of all Telegram updates” according to Telegram itself. And with good reason: it’s gotten several new features like payment via bots, video messages, and much more.

Till now, only YouTube accounts that had more than 1,000 subscribers could broadcast live videos. Plus, this number increased to 10,000 along if you were monetizing your channel. Luckily, they’ve backed down on that and from now on any user can do live broadcasts with no restrictions on the number of followers.

These days whenever a new update from Instagram comes out it’s more than likely that the additions were pinched straight from Snapchat. This time is no different. The popular social network announced yesterday that it’s added masks (“face filters”) to bring new life to your selfies. Try it out and – surprise! – you’ll find it’s extremely similar to Snapchat lenses.

Phishing remains one of the easiest points on entry for malware. In this latest case, a Reddit user has raised the alarm about a fraudulent website called http://шһатѕарр.com/ – note the suspicious characters – that tries to trick WhatsAppers into installing some supposed themes for the chat app, but actually all it does is install scam apps and spams your contacts.

Opera has always been there, lurking in the shadows of the browser heavyweights. While it’s been clever about colonizing a niche in the mobile sphere (its Lite version leads the pack for low-range devices), its presence in the desktop browser market is practically just symbolic. Not to say that it’s not one of the most robust and complete options out there. Its new version 45 comes with a new last name – it’s now “Opera Reborn” – and brings together everything learned with its Neon experiment to offer a full revamp, complete with useful features like integration with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The Sims remains one of EA’s most prolific franchises. It tried its luck on Android with The Sims FreePlay back in 2011 and six long years in between is what it’s taken them to update their mobile catalogue with The Sims Mobile – but it’s visually nearly as good as the latest Sims titles on other platforms and has enough new content to be deemed a proper remake. Though the game still hasn’t been officially released, it can be downloaded already from here on Uptodown with no restrictions.

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Today we’re celebrating the arrival of Opera Max Version 3.0. This useful Android tool to help cut down on data drain has gotten lots of updates and now has a new UI to make your life much easier. Plus it’s added several upgrades that augment the app’s features – like an option to reduce data use on Facebook, that notorious resource succubus.

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The Titanfall saga has contributed a ton to the vast online world of first-person action gaming. This mashup of parkour, high technology, and combustible combats already tried to make a dent on Android with Titanfall Frontline, though that adaptation in the form of a TCG shut down on January 20. Now the license is back to try its luck with the popular NEXON studio in an interesting RTS that retains FPS-style game modes but offers controls based on deploying troop cards with a fixed cost. Titanfall Assault is proof that any genre can work on Android if the formula is adapted cleverly enough.

At the end of last year we got Instant Games on Facebook Messenger. The idea is to tussle with your mates to see who can get the best score, but the problem was that it wasn’t available worldwide. No longer, though: Instant Games have now rolled out globally.

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