As you all know, the Mozilla Firefox browser is available for Android devices, in addition to other platforms. Up until now, it was only compatible with devices that had ARMv7 processors or better and Android 2.2. But, in the browser’s new version 17 that has been launched, the hardware requirements are less, allowing it to be used on older smartphones.

Firefox Android smartphones antiguos cabecera New version of Firefox for Android with support for less powerful devices

It is estimated that 500 million Android devices exist throughout the world, and approximately half of those are equipped with ARMv6 processors. Some of the smartphones that can download the browser from the Mozilla Foundation are: the Samsung Galaxy Ace, LG Optimus Q, HTC Status, HTC ChaCha, and the Motorola Fire XT, among others. Other requirements are to have a minimum speed of 800 MHz and 512 MB of RAM memory. However, given the great variety of Android devices, we recommend that you try to download and install Firefox. And if it works, you’re good to go!

Despite that Firefox has been pushed to third place among those that are preferred by the public, behind Chrome and Internet Explorer, and that it doesn’t have the support of computer giants such as Microsoft and Google, this browser in great measure still maintains its popularity and reputation of being efficient, fast, and secure.

Mozilla Firefox para Android
The following noteworthy features are among those that the new version of Firefox for Android offers:

– Ability to sync the browser with that of your home computer, and thus access your history, bookmarks, passwords, and other very useful data from the mobile version.

– Compatibility with HTML 5.

– Browsing with swipe movements so you barely have to use the physical keyboard.

– Reader mode that allows you to turn a website that is full of clutter into a page that’s easy to read.

– In the version for Android 4.2, the browser includes tools that make it easy to browse the web with voice commands, sounds, and vibrations for people with a visual handicap.

The issue regarding browsers for smartphones and tablets isn’t a simple one. Browsers such as the famous Google Chrome aren’t compatible with many mobile devices. On the one hand, others that are less popular such as Dolphin and Opera Mini are a good option if what you’re looking for is quick browsing from a mobile device that doesn’t have too powerful hardware. The problem is that browsers such as Opera achieve that speed by suppressing many of the things on the websites you visit–things that on certain occasions you may want to see.

In summary, it is usually very easy to find an adequate browser that offers the features you want on smartphones and tablets–a combination of speed and features that vary according to each user. This new version of Firefox for Android offers a modest and efficient alternative for low-end devices.

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