Star Wars is never at a lack for strategies on likening itself to whatever is trending at any given moment. When it comes to video games, their strategy is no different; having tried their hand in a wide array of genres. But, what’s landed today on the Android ecosystem is nothing less than a MOBA set in the galaxy far, far, away itself. Star Wars: Battlegrounds (not to be confused with that old PC RTS) is an online strategy game that allows players to face off as per usual in the Massive Online Battle Arena. It looks like this time both Star Wars fans and MOBA fans struck gold with this one.


Developed by none other than the industry giant Netmarble in South Korea–makers of Marvel Future Fight and (shhh!) Mickey Mouse Clubhouse–they’re back with yet another massively popular franchise. Personally, I never thought I’d see the day when the gaming world would be doing somersaults about Asian MMO. But that day is here, and it’s arrived in the form of a Star Wars tribute that we’ll all be pleased with.

Anyway. Battlegrounds will see you participating in individual and 2p PvP combat. Your objective? Crush your enemies’ control towers and their defense shields. How you choose your main character will greatly determine your strategy. Each character has special abilities that are influence their own combat units in the form of their own soldiers skill level across several abilities. How fast or slow your units respond comes with a cost. Which will likely ring a bell if you’ve ever played games like Clash Royale or any other ‘LOL-like.’



Best about this game, is:–obviously–its backstory. With over 60 characters to unlock and loads others as support troops, the hook here is to beat combat challenges to build up your units and gain access to the legendary and iconic characters that include everyone form Luke to Leia and anyone else in the expanded universe. Even Darth Vader’s sidekick from the Marvel series is visible here. 60 different characters is no small feat, and it’s going to mean hours and hours of login time and an almost endless series of packs to be bought.

For now, Star Wars: Battlegrounds is not available for the general public and was released in ‘soft-launch’ format for certain territories. That being said, its original APK is here and ready to download and play. The APK package is restriction free and completely free as always, thanks to Uptodown.


  1. […] Star Wars isn’t at a scarcity for methods on likening itself to no matter is trending at any given second. With regards to video video games, their technique is not any totally different; having tried their hand in a wide selection of genres. However, what’s landed at present on the Android ecosystem is nothing lower than a MOBA set within the galaxy far, far, away itself. Star Wars: Battlegrounds (to not be confused with that previous PC RTS) is a web-based technique recreation that permits gamers to face off as per normal within the Large On-line Battle Area. It seems to be like this time each Star Wars followers and MOBA followers struck gold with this one. Read more […]


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