Cinema lovers everywhere are celebrating the fact that IMDB (the Internet Movie Database), the best online film database nowadays, has just launched a new version of its official Android and iOS app with which you can consult all of IMDB’s info from your smartphone about the world of movies (as well as TV series), ranging from films and actors to cinema showtimes or industry news.

The first thing that jumps out at you about the app is that its new 4.2 version has been completely revamped and adapted to current standards. A pull-out side menu lets you navigate through the different sections and also access your personal panels if you’re logged into your user account on the app.


As with its web version, from the entry for each movie (or series), you can access all film information, view average user ratings, watch trailers, check whether the movie is playing at cinemas in your city or even buy the movie if it’s already out on DVD (IMDB, you might remember, belongs to Amazon).


In the same way, the pages for actors, directors, and other big names in the industry display the full history of their appearances and collaborations on different projects, and these details are perfectly linked with the app’s other sections to allow you navigate intuitively around the app. From one entry you can jump to the latest news on related topics, to thematic forum threads, or to image galleries. While browsing through the app you’ll certainly find yourself tunneling through the depths of the seventh art and discovering new films at every turn. A real joy for movie buffs.


In addition, if you register on IMDB you can access the extra options to stay up to date on the people or films you’re interested in. You can add them to your list of alerts, rate them, and keep your own ranking of your favorite films. With all this in mind, and in the absence of an alternative that can come anywhere close (let’s see if FilmAffinity gets on the ball with their app!), you’re looking at the best information service about the world of cinema available today.


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