The studio at King is a major player within the Android gaming scene, thanks to the massive success of Candy Crush. Although, that’s not the only game they have out. With over 15 different titles to their name, many of which attempt to be replicas of the gameplay used in their goose that laid golden eggs, Hero is the first time they’re taking a chance outside the puzzle arena. This time, they’ve opted instead to venture into the world of action RPGs. 


In particular, we’re referring to the newest action RPG that you’ll find on this platform, although Candy Crush isn’t exactly original, is it? But, the most important thing is keeping an eye on quality, and more specifically making gameplay reachable to users. That’s why Hero lets you play super short missions where you’ll face off against a group of enemies with the added appeal that you only need one hand on your phone to play. No virtual controls, or confusing systems here. Just swipe in the direction you want to move forward, and tap a little button that takes care of special actions.

Even with all this, its simplicity is, in part, due to the fact that it’s just a soft-launch that’s marked as version 0.20, which is why the final product might include some additional features that aren’t fully out yet.


In any case, it’s now ready to download, install, and enjoy Hero in APK format on Uptodown, of course.


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