The app for creating short videos—the trendiest thing in the app world at the moment—has added new features to its service with the aim of making it even easier to use and give users better results. “Sessions” and “Time Travel” are the names for the new Vine features that are now available for all Android and iOS devices.

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The two new features of the app give a wider margin for creativity when crafting your audiovisual clips without compromising the simplicity of the service. If you want to enjoy the new features, update your Vine app. So what is it exactly that you can do with them?

Time Travel

This functionality deletes, reorganizes, and substitutes the shots in a post before sharing it. You can make these edits from the green bar on the camera while you’re capturing the images or by clicking “Edit” while you preview your video.



This functionality can be described as a draft mode: with “Sessions” you can save your projects to continue them later, and can work with a maximum of ten incomplete videos at a time. To access this feature, you only have to click the new icon in the lower right corner of the camera and save a new “session” or open an existing one.

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