The Android catalogue is expanding fast – faster than usual, even. New apps roll out every day and it’s hard to keep track of all the releases. This is particularly true of photography apps. Today we’ve trained our sights on three new apps to edit pics on your smartphone: Overlay, Text on Photo, and MagicCamera.

Retoque fotografía Android


Probably the most appealing app of our three picks for today. Overlay stands out for its elegant style and number of options. Lots of image filters, frames, stickers, and more let you turn your pics into fun mixed media projects. Fans of Mr Wonderful-style motivational phrases are in luck with this useful and comprehensive app. [Download]

Overlay Android

Text on Photo

The title makes it crystal clear what this app does, though there’s more to it, as well. Text on Photo lets you edit pics and adorn them with all the standard confetti for these kinds of apps: frames, stickers, text… though all on a small scale and with an odd fixation on Finding Nemo stickers. This app is kinda like Overlay’s ugly brother, but its smaller size works in its favor. That could be the selling point for people who use older phones – and plus it has a tons of different fonts available. [Download]

Text on Photo Android


Where most apps usually try to do a thousand things at once, MagicCamera does just one thing: changes the color of the images. And it does it automatically, with no hassle. The essence of the image remains the same, but the primary colors change tone. It’s a good app for people looking for a straightforward way to do this kind of retouching. That said, the app isn’t quite as optimized as it could be and sometimes it freezes. We hope they fix this, because although this app does just one thing, it’s pretty great at it. [Download]

MagicCamera Android


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