It almost seems like a premeditated maneuver to counteract the arrival of HBO to new countries. Netflix has finally gone and done what users have been begging it to do for a long time: allow users to locally download any movie or TV show to view later with no Internet connection. This offers a breath of relief for your data plan, as you can consume media when you’re out and about without eating up your Internet allowance.


Though the feature is fully operational, you can’t use to download the entire Netflix catalogue locally. The downloadable content will have a new icon on its page to show you what’s available, and there’s even a downloads manager to display your progress.


The only sticking point here is that you can only download low-res versions of the videos, meaning a standard episode of a 50 minute series comes out to about 360 MB. But obviously the available space on an Android doesn’t go a long way towards storing big files. Obviously – though it’s worth highlighting for rookies – those videos can only be viewed from Netflix. You can’t access them independently with a file explorer as you would with other downloads.

If you’ve got the Netflix bug, we’ve already explained here how to subscribe and get your free one-month trial. Plus we have several tips for you on how to make the most of it here.

Netflix for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download



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